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I want to meet you!

If you're coming to the ISNA convention in Chicago this weekend, I'd love to meet you! It's nice to put a name and face to the people who read this blog :)

Hijabtrendz featured in Chicago Magazine

It was an honor and a surprise to hear from Chicago Magazine the other day. They wanted to feature some Muslim women bloggers in the city, and came across this blog. You can read more about myself and other fearless females doing their own unique things by heading over to…
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Jersey isn’t just for hijabs

If you've been following this blog for the last 9 years or so... (wow has it been that long?) you'll know that I'm obsessed with jersey fabric. Before it was even a trend, I used to buy jersey scarves from Old Navy and was excited that I found this new…

I am what I eat

Yep we've all heard that saying "you are what you eat" and it's quite embarrassing when I think of my eating habits at times. There are those days when the stress is too much and I look for something anything junk food related to help calm me down. I know…