Oct 302009
Dubai Fashion Week 2009: Miss Elegant featuring Amber Feroze

(Note: Images and text provided exclusively by Dubai Fashion Week for Hijabtrendz.com and used with permission) Local boutique Miss Elegant, best known for its luxury and high-end designer abayas has tied up with avant garde designer Amber Feroz to create a collection for Spring/Summer 2010 featuring experimental yet wearable abayas and dresses for every occasion.

Oct 242009

The National just published an article detailing the rise of fashion in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Fashion Weekjust started and the country is gearing up for Fashion Expo Arabia that will take place from October 26th-28th. DAS Collection is one of the featured lines that will be on the catwalk and you can read Read more

Jul 132009

This article just hit the internet. It’s from The Straits Times and talks about the irony of France recently having had a fashion show featuring couture abayas while a debate to ban hijab is underway.

Jul 132009
Hijabtrendz Exclusive: D.A.S Collection

We recently posted an article that profiled various abaya designers in the Emirates. Now Hijabtrendz has an exclusive interview with Reem Beljafla, one of the sisters behind the label D.A.S Collection. Check it out! Reem, 24, and her sister Hind, 23, are already taking couture abayas to another level. Photos provided by D.A.S. Collection Tell Read more

Jun 282009

In a recent article by the BBC, Emirati abaya designer Badr Al-Budoor, discusses the concept of the “sexy abaya”. Find out what she has to say here. Al-Budoor is part of the growing number of hijab fashion designers focusing on the traditional abaya that women wear (mostly in the Gulf countries). You can check out Read more