Perfume is hard to shop for

If there is one thing I'd advise against buying someone as a gift... it's perfume. Unless of course you know exactly the scent someone loves. I'm one of those people who has a particularly sensitive sense of smell. Certain perfumes give me a headache from the moment I smell it…
positivie energy

Do you look for the rainbow after a storm?

We are so super charged all the time. Whether it's electronics or work deadlines, social activities or volunteer efforts. Someone is always sucking our time from us. Even if it's a good use of our time... we need to take a break.

This hijabi is gonna sing

I previously wrote about my frustration about the lack of hijabi singers in the United States. Well, instead of complaining, I'm going to be part of the solution.

Do you hate your hijab?

Who doesn't want to dress up and walk outside with their hair done up all nice, and their makeup looking good?