Modern Hijabi: Less is More

For the modern hijabi less is more when it comes to makeup. Because your face is the main focal point and not your hair, you need to realize that your features are already popping. So, you should be careful not to overdo your makeup and end up looking like the…

Hijab Style: Hem Update

Jennifer of Vintage Hem left me a message this weekend about her products. She said the basic slip length is 22 inches and then depending on the type of fringe on the bottom you could get between 4-8 inches more in length. According to Jennifer, the company is planning to make…

Hijab Style: Hems are Hot

I am loving Vintage Hem! Who would have thought hems could be so sassy and stylish? If you have trouble finding skirts that are long enough, these ladies have the solution, just wear a slip! It is longer than a regular slip and the hem is designed with lots of…

Hijab Fashion: So Many Tops So Little Time

Remember how hard it was back in the day to find long tops that were decent and fashionable? I basically would wear turtlenecks or just plain t-shirts and it was really boring. Now everywhere you turn it seems there are tons of styles to choose from. The key is to…


Although I don't care much for flower prints, this is 100 times more acceptable in public than the previous fobalicious post. I know some ladies who have this suit and say they've never had issues going out in public. They blend right in despite being more covered up. Yay for…


I believe this picture speaks for itself. I'm a little confused about the sneakers. Are you supposed to swim with them on? They don't even match. Wow my eyes hurt now.

Fobalicious vs Hijabalicious

I'm adding two new categories that I hope you'll enjoy. One will showcase hideous styles (Fobalicious), the other will showcase those of you who've really got it together (Hijabalicious). If you have pics you'd like to submit for either category because you or someone you know would fit, please contact me for…