I believe this picture speaks for itself. I'm a little confused about the sneakers. Are you supposed to swim with them on? They don't even match. Wow my eyes hurt now.

Fobalicious vs Hijabalicious

I'm adding two new categories that I hope you'll enjoy. One will showcase hideous styles (Fobalicious), the other will showcase those of you who've really got it together (Hijabalicious). If you have pics you'd like to submit for either category because you or someone you know would fit, please contact me for…

Hijab Fashion: Underneath Your Clothes

I am indeed talking about something you can wear UNDER your clothing. It's not underwear per se, I guess you could use it that way, but it's more of an item that you definitely need when you notice that you're hanging out of your clothes instead of being nice and…
Cold Weather

Hijab Fashion: Holiday or Everyday

This shirt is from Newport News and would be perfect paired with dress pants or a sleek skirt for Eid, Jummah or just when you want to feel dressed up. The shirt is part of a new trend that makes it look as though you're layering, when in reality it's a…