Handbags are for Hijabis Too

Blue is one of my favorite colors and the fact that it's going to be huge with this year's color trends is eye candy to me! I'm not one to spend money on purses and I always tell myself, "Why should I spend money for something that's going to hold my…

Hijab Denim Desire for Three Budgets

Denim dress by Deener is expensive, but oh so cute! As Spring rolls around the corner this would be the perfect outfit to take a stroll in outside once the weather warms up. Pair it with a long sleeve shirt in black or white and some wide leg jeans or…

Modern Muslim Women: Smooth and Subtle

It’s always hard to find the right makeup that gives you a fresh face without looking caked on. I’ve tried powders and creams and all kinds of concoctions without any decent results. The closest I got was with a tinted moisturizer that I’d wear some days and on other days…

Back on Track

HijabTrendz is back on track after a brief vacation! Daily updates will be up Mon-Fri, so check back often for all the latest trends, deals and fashion advice. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, model, or in any other way involved please contact me. info at hijabtrendz dot…

Hijab Style: Straight Pin or Safety Pin?

Everyone has a preference for what they use to fasten their hijab securely and what we've discovered is that there are different types of pins that are better than others for certain kinds of hijab styles. Here is a quick run through and where you can purchase them: Straight pins:…

Hijab Fashion: Hijab Fresh

Maintaining your hijab is key when you want to walk outside with your head held high. Wait a minute is that chocolate sauce I see on the edge of your scarf? I'm just kidding! I remember when I was younger I would wash my scarves every night by hand and…

Hijab Style: Fobalicious vs Hijabalicious

Just to make a point about my previous post. The picture on the left is from a discussion board for the magazine Sedty where someone posted pics of various hijab models. The picture on the right is from an online store that sells hijabs.