Dec 112014

Hard to believe, but we’re breaking some records over here at Hijabtrendz.



We’ve just hit the 2000th post!

It’s surreal to think we’ve written that much content over the years, and if you’re curious, feel free to go back and read past articles.

Don’t know where to start?

Here are a few fun ones:

Searching for the one (a short story that was published in installments every week)

3 trusty tips for hijabis

5 hijabi hair care tips

We hope you enjoy the site, and continue to enjoy it as the years go by :) We certainly enjoy writing stuff!

Dec 042014

Hijabtrendz got an exclusive preview of the show, and you don’t want to miss it!

Dr. Su’ad Abdulkhabeer will be performing in Washington D.C. this Saturday, so if you’re in the area make sure to check it out and support!

Here are the details:

Sampled Flyer 2014

Dec 042014

We’ve been fans of Kerry Washington’s style on Scandal, and while we’re a little behind in watching the show (uhhh kind of stopped midway through the 2nd season) hehe…

But, that’s besides the point.

Apparently, The Limited, has been carrying some styles inspired by her Character on the show.

We love almost everything the collection, and we especially dig the cape trend.



We think it’s great for milder winter weather and it’s such a nice wide cut that it would look good on anyone

Do you like the cape look?

Dec 022014

I was recently perusing the Puma store and wanted to find some nice flat sneakers for myself. Of course the ones that I thought would be perfect… were sold out in my size.

Well, as I was looking around to see what else they had, I came across this very odd concoction.. it appears to be a high heel, but it’s also made out of sneaker material:




I had to take pictures, because it’s too hard to describe, and this way you can see why I was a little confused.

But, maybe it’s just me and my personal preference. Perhaps these are wearable…with a track suit where the pants are in the skinny jeans cut?

What do you think? yay or nay? (please tell me these are hideous!) lol

Actually, there more I look at the photos.. the more I am beginning to think these might be a fashionable item to pull off haha!

Dec 012014

I’m not sure what to say.. I’m extremely humbled and honored that you’ve chosen to follow this blog for the last 7 years my dear readers.

And now we’ve reached a new milestone on our FB fanpage…

900k fans on fb

I know this would not be possible without your support.

And I appreciate all of you for spreading the word, and continuing to come back, even on the days when I don’t post :)

I’m not obsessed with numbers, but I know that this does show that Muslim women have a voice that people want to hear.

We are interesting, informative, entertaining and above all just like everyone else :) hehe.

Thank you again and can’t wait to get to 1 million!!