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There are days when I look back on my childhood memories and laugh.

This morning was one of those days.

I was thinking about how my siblings and I used to attend Sunday School in Hampton, Virginia.

When we first moved to Virginia from Colorado, I was struck by the humidity and this onion smell that was so strong whenever it got really hot outside.

Apparently they had lots of wild weeds growing in the area that were related to green onions or something. I can’t remember the whole story.

The Sunday School there was my first experience meeting Muslims who didn’t practice like my family did. They were very assimilated into what I would consider a mainstream secular lifestyle.

Girls and guys would go out together in groups, because their parents wanted to encourage them to have group dates and not one on one dates. They listened to music, the girls and their moms didn’t wear hijab, and some of the girls wore shorts.

I’m not judging here, I’m only setting a picture for you.

When I used to go to the Sunday school classes, I felt like I completely stuck out. Here was little 9 year old Mariam with a hijab on her head, getting looks of pity from the girls and their moms.

I was even asked many times by the adults why I wore it. I honestly didn’t know. It was just something we did as Muslims I had presumed. It was at these times that I really felt bad about myself, and it didn’t help that was also the year my parents decided to home-school us.

Apparently the neighborhood school was not up to par. We went for almost a year before we were pulled out.

Now, imagine those kids at Sunday School who knew that we were home schooled. You may think that’s not a big deal. But believe me it was. There was one girl in particular who was about a year older than me. She always had to make some point about how she knew all about the latest TV shows or music.

Because we didn’t have a TV, I had no idea what she was talking about. Looking back I laugh because she must have been so annoyed that I wasn’t impressed with anything she said.

She used to go on and on about this TV show about Aliens. Once when my family was invited over to her house, she flipped on the TV set and there was the show she’d been raving about. I didn’t find it amusing, but rather disturbing. I vividly remember that the alien women would breastfeed their children from the middle of their chest because apparently they had 3 breasts. That’s pretty much all I remember.

(I happened to find a picture of the show. I didn’t use the full family photo because I find it too scary, so you can enjoy this one and let is burn into your memory like it has for me).

Tv show aliens

Back to the story though, the girl who picked on me also had an older teenage sister.

I remember going to their room and she was busy listening to a cassette tape over and over while writing the words to Madonna’s song “Vogue” so she could memorize it. And that was my introduction to a singer called Madonna.

The reason I laugh when I think back about my childhood, is because it’s quite entertaining to think about the random adventures and variety of people I’ve come across.

I used to complain or feel ashamed at the time, particularly when being picked on. But now that I’m all grown up, I think of how blessed I was to have all these life experiences.

This is just one of many stories… maybe one day I’ll share them all.

Does anyone remember a TV series about Aliens?

Apr 072014

We’re back on the juicing bandwagon, because there is no better way to reset your body than to do this on occasion.

Here is what it looks like when we put it in a bottle and take it to work:

green juice

What is inside this fantastically colored beverage?

Kale, spinach, cucumber, carrot, apple, pear and strawberry.

You can make any mix you want, and we find that incorporating at least some fruit will make it a lot easier on your taste buds.

We’ve been alternating between juicing with our Omega juicer:

Omega juicer


…and blending with our Blendtec blender when we need some extra fiber:


blendtec red blender


Have you done juicing before? Make sure to read Aquila Style on Thursday for our article on adventures in juicing!

Apr 032014

Hijabtrendz Guest Post

Spring is here and we can finally shed the heavy layers for some lighter ones, wear color and enjoy more time outdoors.

Whether you want to dress up for a Spring brunch with the girls, outdoor picnic or a Spring festival I have compiled some beautiful Spring closet essentials that will keep you on top of your game this Spring.

Florals for Spring are a must, and pastels this year are making a comeback so here a few ways to incorporate some of these trends and still be modestly chic:

Style Tips: It is best to start with one key piece whenever you style an outfit. In this mood board the radiant orchid color pants, yellow floral maxi dress, and pink
floral pants work as the key pieces for each look. Add to the key pieces either a lace top, basic white long sleeve top (an essential), or a pastel colored blouse, then add a finishing touch with a statement necklace, or fancy sandal and you are ready for any get together this Spring.

Have a lovely Spring and stay modestly chic!

Ayesha is founder/editor of AnUblog.com, and soon-to-launch ChicagoMuslimBloggers.com. On her personal blog, she writes about lifestyle, fashion, date nights with her husband, and gastronomical pursuits. Professionally, she has a background in advertising and marketing, and currently a grad student at Rush University.


We’ve been so obsessed with wrap scarves, that it has taken us a while to remember how to wear a triangle style lol.

Here we are in a scarf from Fandri, you can see more of their collection on their website.

Turkish hijab fashion

We accessorized the outfit with a nice silver necklace from Lu-Lu Bag a hijab and accessories subscription service.

Thank you to the ladies from each business who sent us these gifts, it was really kind of them.


Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog

A little over a week and a half ago I was invited to participate in a panel on diversity in Journalism and share my experiences as a seasoned veteran in the field.

My husband captured these candid shots of me and I thought I’d share them because I think they capture a side of me that people don’t know, especially if you don’t know me in person :).

I’m obsessed with jersey hijabs, and the turquoise one I’m wearing I bought in a bulk shipment from overseas. I’ve thought about selling them, but not sure if people love them as much as me.

The first two pictures show me prepping before heading out, I always have to make sure my hijab is straight lol.

It may look like I’m taking a selfie in that second one, but I’ve been trying to hold my phone up when I use it because I think I’m getting some neck issues from looking down at it. I probably just need to stop using it lol.





I really enjoyed my visit there and it was great to meet so many new people. Afterward I got to meet and talk to some local Hijabtrendz fans in Ann Arbor which was really cool, because it made it seem more real that there are actual readers of this blog :).

Ann Arbor

It was a short and quick trip, and I hope to return again someday to really explore the area. Also, the ISNA convention is going to be in nearby Detroit around Labor Day Weekend. Are any of you planning to attend? I’m still debating about whether to setup a booth there or not. Hmmmm :)

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