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When there isn’t much sun wear yellow

Chicago is home of  to many cloudy days. It's stereotyped as the windy city... but in case you didn't know, that title refers to the politics and not the actual weather hehe. Yes, we do have wind. BUT... the majority of our issues when it comes to weather is lack…
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Interview: Verona Collection

We recently alerted you to the new brick and mortar store for Verona Collection. They launched over the weekend in Orlando, Florida and we caught up with one of the founders of the brand, Lisa Vogl, for a quick phone interview. She's a busy entrepreneur and has a lot of…
Alyah hijabi pop star
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Hijabi popstars in Malaysia pave the path

All over the world there are women in hijab doing AMAZING things. I've been fascinated for quite some time, with the hijabi pop stars of Malaysia. (I realize there are probably hijabi singers in other countries, but this is what I've come across) They go out there and do their thing,…
Verona Collection
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Hijab fashion brand opens up in U.S. Mall

It's the second hijab fashion company to open up in a mall in the United States. First there was Zeena, but they ended up closing about a year after opening their Northern Virginia location. Verona Collection, is a company that we've purchased products from. Here is a little photo to…
istanbul modest fashion week 2016
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Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2016

It's being labeled as the "first" Islamic fashion week to take place in Turkey. That's not to say there haven't been hijab fashion shows in Turkey in the past. We've seen some modest fashion shows that came out of Turkey back in the early 90's and at the time it…