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Updating my work wardrobe

I like to generally think of myself as a very simple non-materialistic person. Of course I enjoy shopping, and perhaps if I had gobs of money I would waste it on expensive handbags. But overall, I prefer to spend on experiences that will last in my memory than on "things" that pile…
hijab style

My favorite skirts for spring 2016

There are so many maxi skirts on the market today, it can make your head spin! I remember when it was so hard to find a single nice long skirt without a slit, but now, we have options ladies! Here are a few I randomly came across that span the…
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Review: Ahfif cotton wool scarf

I was recently gifted this hijab by the wonderful folks over at Ahfif. They had a special pop up trunk show in the area, and I was working, and so bummed I couldn't see all the other things they were showcasing! But, my friend was attending and picked out a…
Hijabtrendz Review

Review: Kashkha Hijab

I bought two different styles of jersey scarves from a woman selling the brand Kashkha at the MAS ICNA convention bazaar over the December holiday break. And here is the one that I've been wearing lately when I want to feel a little snazzy. I can't remember how much I…

Facebook Fitna

I'm not here to tell people what they can and can't do online. The title may seem a little judgmental, but I assure you it's not. For those who may not know what the word "fitna" means, well it's an Arabic term, and the best way to describe it, is…
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Waiting for winter weight to disappear

There is something about cold weather and winter, that makes those pounds pile on. Some people are smart enough not to fall for the winter blues lol, but for me, I eat a lot. I feel cold, and tired and miserable when there is no sun in sight. And in…