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France doesn’t care about skin cancer

Everyone is commenting and speculating and pondering the "burkini ban" in some areas in France. First, let's not forget, they also banned hijab or tried to ban it, or it's banned in schools or something... I honestly can't keep up with all the shenanigans and my brain would explode if…
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Fresh is better than packaged

I've been tring so hard to steer clear of packaged foods. Why? Well, I noticed that I was getting sucked into my bad habit of eating nothing but junk food. It was to a point where, I'd look around and realize, I hadn't had a fresh fruit or vegetable in…

Hijabtrendz featured in Chicago Magazine

It was an honor and a surprise to hear from Chicago Magazine the other day. They wanted to feature some Muslim women bloggers in the city, and came across this blog. You can read more about myself and other fearless females doing their own unique things by heading over to…