Jan 252015

The winter weather is making us long for warmer weather.

Here are some dream escapes we’d like to imagine we are on..in the Maldives.




What about you? Are you dreaming of a getaway? Have you been to the Maldives?

Dew drop long top

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Jan 242015

We are obsessed with this top from Gap and when we took the photo realized…wow almost everything is from that brand lol.


This is actually a dress and we love it because it transformed perfectly into a shirt that is long enough to cover modestly and still look chic.


What we’ve noticed is that when we aren’t worried about hiking up pants or accidentally flashing some
backside, we are more confident and comfortable.

It’s a win win, because long tops are a great solution!

Details: White jersey wrap from Hijabtrendz, long top Gap, pants Gap, boots Gap.

Jan 232015

We have a new video for you with our most requested wrap style hijab.

Hopefully you enjoy it and are able to benefit! :)

Make sure to watch in full 1080p for best quality.

If you are interested in jersey hijabs, we are awaiting a brand new shipment of Spring 2015 colors, so grab yours before they are gone!

Go here to place an order and you can expect it to be shipped to you within the next 3 weeks.

Jan 222015

hijabtrendz review

A New Year and some new products for our makeup stash.

We happened upon this mascara quite randomly while browsing around Walgreens. What happened next was a moment of amazement!

This mascara works like magic. It’s not clumpy, it coats the lashes nicely, and it’s way better than wearing falsies. Well, we’ve never tried false lashes, but we’re imagining this is better. lol.

mascara mascara2

In case you can’t read the lettering… it is called “Lash Sensational” by Maybelline.

We bought the black color, and they may have other shades, but we didn’t pay attention.

What’s your favorite mascara brand? How often do you wear it?

We like to save it for special occasions, because the one downside…is the work required to take it off!

Jan 212015

Winter sales are nearing an end most places, so now is the time to stock up for next year, or maybe to find something you want to wear while it’s still cold out.

Here are a few cute things on sale that flow nicely and have style:

zara winter sale

This was $250 and is now $100.. it’s a poncho.. yeah we’re obsessed with this style lol.


Unstructured asymmetrical jacket. Was $150, now $49

long and loose blazer

Long blazer was: $80.00 now $30.00

Do you shop at Zara? We haven’t been inside the brick and mortar store in awhile, but it’s about time we go and give it a whirl!