Interview with CCTV America on Hijab fashion
hijab fashion

Hijabtrendz on Chinese television!

I was recently interviewed by CCTV America, a television network based in China, that also has a global channel in English. Roza Kazan and I talked all about the Muslim consumer market and Hijab fashion. This was actually shot right before Ramadan, and I almost forgot about it until I was…
relaxation in Ramadan
behind the screen

Taking a break and loving it

I remember when I first started blogging, I would write several posts a day. And when Ramadan came around, I'd be posting recipes almost every single day for a month. This year, I decided to take it easy. While I want to write things all the time, I made a…
special offer

Special offer from Shorso just for you!

If you recall our recent interview with Shorso, then you'll know they're all about modest and hijab friendly swimwear. So, what's this special offer? If you're planning to head out to the water this summer, and you're looking for a deal, then check this out. Shorso is offering Hijabtrendz readers…
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This Muslim woman filmmaker rocks!

I love the way we can find so many cool women doing amazing things all over the world and even right here across the United States. I've been following Nia Malika Dixon on social media and have been impressed with her passion for not only making films, but telling stories…
Muslim Marriage advice
Guest Post

A Happy Marriage Begins with Me: by Sana Khatib

Sana Khatib has previously written as a guest for Hijabtrendz, and you can read her prior piece here.Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts on this piece! Do you like these kinds of topics? Do you agree or disagree with the piece? It always amazes me how…
hijabtrendz exclusive

Hijab friendly swimwear: Shorso UK

Hijab friendly swimsuits, aren't just for women who wear hijab, but for anyone looking to increase their sun protection when outdoors at the beach or pool. I've seen growth in the modest swimsuit industry and sun protective industry over the years, and what once was impossible to find, is becoming more readily…
Ramadan 2016
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Ramadan Mubarak 2016

Hard to believe another year has flown by and here we are for another blessed Ramadan. I pray that you all have a wonderful month and refresh not only your spirituality, but your relationships with your friends and family and communities. Ramadan is more than just an all you can…