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Colbie Caillat recently released a new music video that has a really great message for women everywhere.

You can watch the video below:

She also was recently features in an interview with Elle. You can read it here:


What are your thoughts? Is she right?

Jul 102014

I bought this dress from Old Navy earlier this year and it has taken me AGES to finally wear it.

Why, you ask? Well because I couldn’t find the right white pants to wear under it!

And then a few weeks ago, I happened upon some nice white pants that were a mixture between jeans and slacks. They didn’t bunch up and looked good underneath.

Because, if there is one thing that bugs me, it’s big buttons and zippers that pooch out in front and then if you put a long shirt on top it’s a big bump underneath.

Clearly I think about this stuff in detail.

So here I am, in all my shorty glory.

I may hem the top a little so it’s not so long, but I do kind of like the way it looks even though it brings me down in height lol.


dress as long shirt hijab style dress as long shirt hijab style dress as long shirt hijab style

This last picture is me trying to be silly, I can never be too serious for the camera.

Not a fan of the angle because it makes me look like I’m wearing tights for some reason haha.


Jersey scarf from Hijabtrendz
Pants from The Limited
Shoes from Cole Haan
Long sleeve T from Target
Dress from Old Navy

Do you do the dress as a shirt trick?


I generally don’t spend more than $10 on a pair of sunglasses. Because they usually end up scratched or lost.

But recently I paid a visit to the Sunglass Hut in the mall and decided to try on a few pairs.

What I noticed was that the quality was definitely much higher and the glasses felt heavier/sturdier. Or maybe that’s what I felt because it justified the price tag? hehe.

Anyhow, still debating on which style to get.. maybe both if I’m really going to splurge.

summer 2014 Rayban styles

Folks on Facebook overwhelmingly chose the classic black frames, but I like to be bold and different and that’s why I fell in love with the colorful ones on the left.

I didn’t end up getting anything because the colorful ones had a scratch on them and the black ones were too plain for my taste. But I did learn that on the Rayban website you can customize the frames and lenses to whatever color and style you want!

So that’s one more thing I’m going to have to get on top of before summer is over and they are no longer on trend.

What are your thoughts, which one is better?

P.S.  I wish I was smiling in the pictures… but I was taking them for myself to compare the looks lol. I didn’t realize I’d end up using them for a post.

Jul 012014

Mariam Sobh Hijab Fashion and Hijab Style Blog


Life behind the screen has been crazy.

Work deadlines, Hijabtrendz deadlines, trying to spend time with family.. Ramadan!

I’m all over the place… but that’s ok right? Sometimes crazy lives push you to be more creative.

Or at least maybe that’s what I’m telling myself hehe.

I’ve been thrilled by the response to the jersey hijabs I’ve been selling.

There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing that something that I found and use is also going to be of use to others.

Other things that I’ve been up to, well my usual scouting out the latest deals and trends.

This time I’m adding to my overwhelming lip product collection. I can’t seem to stop!

And maybe it’s because I have an obsession with Walgreens…ok and maybe Target.

They always seem to have so many options of anything and everything.

The other day I walked into my local Walgreens to pickup a prescription, and I couldn’t help but walk through the makeup section.

There I was sucked into the Burt’s Bees display case, and the fact that there was a special coupon offer going alongside some of their products.

It prompted me to try out two items:

A lipgloss and a lip crayon.


burts bees lip gloss burts bees lip crayon


The lipgloss is in the color of “ocean sunrise” and the lip crayon in “Sedona Sands”.

As you can tell I’m quite partial to lighter colors.

I love these products even though they are a little pricey, because they are 100% natural.

Are you a fan of Burt’s Bees? Do you have any favorite natural makeup lines?


Jun 302014

This past weekend we headed out to visit and stay with my parents.

It seems like we go there a lot lately. But it was the first weekend of Ramadan and we thought we should definitely be there to break our fast with family.

Because of the hot weather, it seemed like a great idea to beat the heat and forget about feeling hungry by going to the local water park! Let me note that the picture of the Crystal Lake Aquatic Center is from two weeks ago, when I didn’t have a swimsuit and just sat around wishing I was in the water.

After being there for no more than 30 minutes, a thunderstorm made an appearance so everyone had to leave the pool area.

We got free passes to come back again… so you can probably guess what I did. I went online and bought myself a suit as fast as I could, so that I could partake in the festivities myself!

crystal lake aquatic center

I purchased a swim set from Coolibar.com.

I paired the ruched top with a pair of their swim pants in black.

coolibar ruche swim top review coolibar swim tight review

The shirt was nice and long which I appreciated. The swim pants were also very light and easy to move in, but I was expecting a thicker fabric.

I also purchased a swim bra and swim bottoms to wear underneath, because there is nothing more gross than parading around the pool in your underwear!

Talk about a soggy bottom lol.

base layers base layers

coolibar swimsuit review  coolibar swimsuit review

The material for the top and pants dried in just a few minutes after getting out of the water. But I’m not sure I’d wear something like this if I were swimming laps.

Since I was just lounging around and standing in the water making sure my kids were safe, I didn’t get to test it out that much.

I still also have to figure out a decent swim hijab style that doesn’t look like an alien.

For this trip I just did a spanish wrap hijab style, but I was trying my best not to get my head wet because I had no idea how it would react to the water.

What are your favorite hijabi swimsuit brands?

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