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Hijabtrendz TV is the first ever weekly entertainment, lifestyle, hijab fashion and hijab style online hijab video series for Muslim women.

**If you want to check out our audio version we have Hijabtrendz On-Air a series of hijab podcasts.**

Basic how to wear hijab styles tutorial

Hijabtrendz TV Season 1

Hijabtrendz TV Season 2

Hijabtrendz TV Season 3

Hijabtrendz TV Season 4

  110 Responses to “Hijab Videos”

  1. good for all muslim women mashaallah .my e.male msmrazi@yahoo.com

  2. Thank you for your effort sister :)

  3. thanks for the videos for hijabtrends… i d like to know what kind of fabric is it that using to produce for alamirah, wraps and shaylas ?
    i am living in turkey and wondering to sew my own designs for myself and what is the length of long shaylas ? thanks :)

  4. They are usually polyester or cotton I believe. The sad thing is most hijabs don’t specify what type of fabric it is lol. But you can play around. As far as length I’ve never measure but I’m assuming at least 70 inches long. Hope that helps!

  5. Thank you so much for these videos!! I am a new revert to Islam and obviously new to hijab as well. These are very useful to me. I especially love the section on different ways to wear hijab. I am in the US.

  6. Thank you for another great videos. Im really excited I was able to find this video.

  7. Assalam aleykum va rahmatuLlahi va barakatuh! My name is Fatima, I am from Russia, Moscow. 1.5 years ago I started to be muslim alhamduliLlah. I have friends from different townes and countries. And here I want to find muslim sisters for chat. My e-mail dasha-mardasha@mail.ru
    insaAllah we’ll connect our ummah!))

  8. Thank you for youre videos. I´m from germany and wear the hedjab since 3 weeks now. I have to learn so many things but this video teach me well. Can you tell me how to wear niqab and how do get familar with that? I prepare for beiing a good muslim.
    salam aleikoum to all

  9. Assalam aleykum Thank you ^_^

  10. i like it.. thanks for sharing

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