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  • How safe is my toolbar?
  • The Conduit platform is 100% safe and secure. Security is one of the things we care about most here at Conduit, and because of the bad reputation that some (non-Conduit) toolbars had in the past, we always work hard to show that toolbars can and should be used as a marketing tool that helps users connect with their favorite content and brands. Conduit is focused on providing a superior marketing and communication technology and we have no interest in monitoring toolbar activities or selling toolbar related data.Click here for more details about Conduit’s transparent policies.As part of our commitment to provide a safe and secure experience, the Conduit platform was certified by TRUSTe and approved by all leading security companies for following best practices of safety and security.Conduit allocates significant resources to maintaining a clean and secure platform. However, we cannot be responsible for third–party content that might be built on our platform or added via our APIs or our customization and personalization features. As the case with any open/free platform, there is always a chance that people will try to exploit our free offering and try to use it to impose a bad experience on their users against our terms of use. We work diligently to enforce our strict policies and to keep the community clean, as it is in our interest to provide a rich and satisfying experience to all publishers and users. If you do come across questionable activities, we ask that you email our legal team [legal[at]] or contact our support [support[at]] and we will look into it as soon as possible.
  • What type of browsers and operation systems does my community toolbar support?
  • Your toolbar is compatible with the following Internet browsers:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems. Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and above, including beta versions, on Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000), Mac, and Linux operating systems Some features may work differently on different browsers, Updates and upgrades are continuously developed and released and additional browsers may be unofficially supported.
  • Do users need to download a new version of the toolbar every time I update it?
  • No. One of the core capabilities of the Conduit platform is that as a publisher, you can update your toolbar whenever you want and all of the changes will reflect dynamically on the toolbars of all of your users. In other words: if you change one of the features in your toolbar via your account on, the feature will be changed on all toolbars that have already been installed by your users.
  • Where can I see examples of existing toolbars?
  • Hundreds of thousands of toolbars are powered by Conduit. You can easily find examples by searching the web. Some toolbars are highlighted in our community toolbar gallery (which is currently being updated), others can be found on and some of our favorites are featured (including customized download pages and other successful campaigns) on our flickr channel.
  • How can users uninstall the toolbar?
  • Toolbar users can easily uninstall their community toolbar at any time with Conduit’s standard uninstall package (Add/Remove Programs in Windows, Add-on Removal in Firefox, etc.).FireFox: as you would do with any FF add-on: Top browser navigation: click TOOLS-> Add-ons-> select the item you want to uninstall.Internet Explorer: as you would with any windows installed component: Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs (Programs & Features on vista)-> select the item you want to uninstall.

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