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Hope to see you at Hijabfest 2017!

I've been invited to speak and perform some stand up at Hijabfest in New Brunswick New Jersey this upcoming Sunday. I'm looking forward to meeting some faces I've connected with online, and meeting new faces too! Come on out if you get the chance, and make sure to get tickets…

Hijabi this and hijabi that

I've been asked by a few people to write about all the recent developments in the hijab fashion realm. From, Gigi Hadid on the cover of Vogue Arabia, to Deen Squad's hijab video, to Halima Aden walking the catwalk, to the Nike hijab campaign. And you know what? I think my brain hurts. Why? Because, I feel like there is nothing much to say. And to be quite honest, after writing about these types of topics for over 10 years... I'm tired.
hijabi riding a lion

Don’t let go of your imagination

There is one thing I wish more people would appreciate, and that's using your imagination. Not just to come up with new ideas and businesses and inventions.. but for yourself. Do you remember playing dress up as a kid? Pretending you were a mermaid or a cowgirl? As we get…