Nadia Malik

Pop Culture Hijabi is a weekly column by Nadia Malik. Malik is a former newspaper reporter based in Chicago who’s now making her way as a freelancer. She spends entirely too much time watching TV and reading pop culture, fashion and TV blogs. She also occasionally consumes serious books and news. No, really. You can reach her at with “pop culture hijabi” in the subject line, follow her at or simply leave a comment below.

Aug 182012

Eid mubarak everyone! We’re just a day (or two, depending on when you started fasting) away from the end of Ramadan. How did the month go for you this year? I started a new job the week before Ramadan started. I was very happy to be working, but I would not recommend having to learn Read more

Aug 112012
Cool weather cravings

It’s been a horribly hot summer, but finally there’s a little respite this week. The weather in Chicago is back in the 60’s and 70’s, and I’m loving it. Let me tell you, I’ve barely put any time or effort into getting dressed all summer long because I just don’t know what to wear when Read more

Aug 042012
Ramadan and time management

In conversations with friends, it’s become pretty apparent that not having enough food is definitely not the biggest complaint in Ramadan. We get hungry, sure, but it’s something we do every year, and it’s bearable. (Plus, one of the facets of fasting is to know how it feels to not eat food. It makes us Read more

Jul 282012
Olympic fever

It’s finally that time: The Olympics have started! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Olympics. They’re just so exciting to watch! You have the anticipation that comes with competition, but it’s also great to see such a large collection of people from so many different nations. I also absolutely love all the stories they Read more

Jul 142012
Stylish and comfortable?

I still love watching “What Not to Wear”. There’s just something about makeover shows that’s exciting. It’s great to see in the final reveal how far the person has come in their transformation. Plus, Stacy and Clinton offer more reasonable fashion advice, I think, than I’ve seen from other people. They had someone on this Read more

Jul 072012
Hijab jackpot

It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect summer shirt to wear with hijab. I’ve been searching for months, and I finally came across one at Old Navy that was pretty close to perfect: long, thin and long sleeve. Since it was such a great find, I just had to share. I bought this one in Read more