Hijabtrendz is a pioneering lifestyle blog that covers everything from hijab fashion, to beauty, and entertainment.

It is also one of the first websites to produce podcasts and hijab tutorial videos for Muslim women.

Hijabtrendz was launched in 2007 by journalist and performing artist Mariam Sobh.

Mariam Sobh Founder/Editor in Chief

Hijabtrendz Founder Mariam Sobh

Mariam started as a volunteer for the Illinois Radio Reader where she read books and newspapers on a special radio frequency for the visually impaired.

In college she worked for the local modern rock station then known as WGPU 107.1 “The Planet”. Her roles included reporter, news anchor, DJ and News Director.

Mariam also interned for the news department at the local CBS affiliate station WCIA channel 3 and wrote a weekly column for the University paper “The Daily Illini” several of her columns were picked up nationally.

In graduate school Mariam worked for the college television station UI-7 News as a news anchor and reporter. During and after graduate school Mariam worked at the local public radio station WILL AM 580 where she anchored the news and weather on the weekends and moved into filling in during the week for the news anchor as well as the local host of “All Things Considered”.

After graduate school Mariam moved to Chicago where she worked for Chicago Public Radio as an intern and news reporter. While there Mariam contributed several pieces for National Public Radio in Washington D.C. Within seven months after moving to Chicago Mariam was offered a full time job as a reporter and news anchor for the Illinois Radio Network.

While there Mariam covered state and national stories such as the trial of former Illinois Governor George Ryan and helped break the news on then U.S. Senator Barak Obama’s decision to run for President of the United States. She also had the opportunity to cover several press conferences with president George W. Bush and various other high profile politicians.

After 3 years at Illinois Radio Network, Mariam worked as a news anchor and traffic reporter for Navteq on various commercial stations in Chicago including 100.3 FM  and WCPT AM and FM.

She then moved on to become a Traffic Editor at Nokia, working to collect and disseminate traffic information for clients across the United States including broadcast stations.

During her job at Nokia she was approached by WBEZ to work with them as their Elections Producer for the 2012 elections. After the elections she was begged to stay on as a News Anchor, Host, Reporter and Producer.

In 2014 Mariam left WBEZ to join the #1 radio station in Chicago  WBBM Newsradio as a news anchor and reporter.

Although it may seem she’s had a varied career in the media, Mariam also has a passion for the arts.

Mariam is a graduate of the improv program, conservatory program, and music program at The Second City Training Center in Chicago.

She is also trained in classical voice and in her spare time writes her own songs. She also enjoys acting whenever the opportunity presents itself; whether it’s for television, film, theater or voice overs.

Mariam is represented by two talent agencies in Chicago: Karen Stavins and Lily’s.

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  1. halime

    türkçe konusmay? bilen varm? acabaa (I CAN SPEAK TURKISH PLEASE)

  2. halime

    very very very very beatiful website

  3. halime

    most of all

  4. m2ab ( Mo A. A. Batein)

    I recently started bogging abt Muslim women fashion , when I post something usually, I make sure that there hasnt been such article (altho there may not be a copyright issue involved) mainly on another Muslim fashion site, I dont want it come back to me saying that I have just copied it off from somewhere. Every posts I think of, when I research and search it on google , I end up finding a similar article( 80%) which I had in my mind set out in this site a . This site has been set up and edited a wonderful writer and I do hope and pray you be recognized for your effort and in the future pray to be one of the Top 500 Most Influential Muslim People of the World.

  5. Carroll B. Merriman

    Mary Mason said it best in – A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.

  6. merve

    Hi, i am from Germany and it is my first time, that i visit your website. I read a column about you and your website in the newspaper. It is great and very cool. Thanks…

  7. Amra

    Es-sallamu alaykum
    I like your website and its contects,I like all of it and may Allah Swt. reward you for finding the best way to help us.I would like to add a subject to this site and all of you sisters who can help with answers are welcome.In St.Louis,Missouri is a big problem with employment for our sisters with hijab.Many of us don’t work,and we all know how much we need a job thesedays.The well known story is that we go for an interview for job and as soon as employer SEE us,we never get called again.So,all of you who can help with an advice or any other way,please do so.Thank you, Es-sallamu alaykum.

  8. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you Amra for your kind words, and I will definitely address the topic you’ve mentioned. It’s something I’d love to hear the different perspectives on.

  9. qurrat

    i hav been watching ur videos since a long time n i sure am totally inspired from u but i dont really get it which place r u actually from n u sure look pretty. n can u please give me ur email id or id on face book?
    thank you :)

  10. qurrat

    i’m totally inspired by u i actually mean the way u r bring things forward is just amazing i would rather prefer going for this website more often apparently i do keep watching ur videos all the time

  11. Mariam Sobh

    Qurrat I’m glad to be able to bring you things you enjoy. I hope you keep coming back! 😀

  12. Nada

    Hi Mariam,, im Nada from United Arab Emirates
    i live in Dubai but im jordanian,, im realy happy to find such a web-site which women all over the world can read and learn about hijab and islam as well. Wish u all the best and hope to meet u here in Dubai very soon inshallah. Best wishes

  13. Suzanne

    Lovely website, and very informative! I am a non-Muslim American woman planning to travel to Egypt next month (and hopefully to Saudi Arabia in the next year). I found your website while researching how to dress appropriately and respectfully while traveling in Muslim countries. The information here has been very helpful.

    Amra – in the United States it is against the law for employers to discriminate against job applicants and employees on the basis of religion. If you feel you are being turned down for jobs because you wear Hijab, I encourage you to get in touch with an experienced employment attorney in your local area. The best way to do that is to contact your local bar association and ask for a referral. The behavior you described is wrong and unlawful and should not be tolerated! Best wishes to you.

  14. molencia

    amazing work and nice site, i will feature you in my mexican fashion blog.

  15. tuleenshop

    nice website. I specially like the videos. very helpful!

  16. merve

    salaam alayk dear sis mariam…
    lovely website…
    im a 17 year old girl living in germany…
    im waring my hijab since im 10 years old …
    i have some questions… i would be happy when u would mail me :)

    may allah bless u ^.^

  17. Shaheen Perwez Hashmi

    Asalaam Alaykum warahmatullah dear sis Mariam…,

    A nice Effort by you. may Allah bless u !!!!!


  18. hooba42

    i relly envy you and all the muslums female around the globe……cause god made it simple for you



  20. aicha

    beautifull face ! lovely picture

  21. bagus

    Alhamdulillah, tetaplah berjilbab agar mendapat berkah dari Allah.

  22. amir

    subhanallah,,,,,,assalamualaikum,,, introduce my name is AMIR Ma’ruf,, may keep the hijab istiqomah ukhti always accompanied by the noble character who … amen

    east java ,,indonesia

  23. 1hijabifashionista

    Wow MA you are a true inspiration. I am a new blogger so I am learning a lot from you. I just started my youtube channel on http://www.youtube.com/1hijabifashionista……Keep up the good work!

  24. Muslim-Shop.com

    Selamun alaikum dear sister,

    would you have interest to make a Product Review for this online store:


    with best regards,

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