Hormones and health

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I’ve written quite a few posts about my health and my attempts at trying to find ways to bring up my energy and fitness etc.

Well, here is basically the gist of what has been going on.

After I had my second daughter, I felt great… but I noticed that once I stopped nursing, my monthly cycle was never right. And by that I mean it was not on the right schedule each month, it began to change.

It would be a week early or a week late and everything in between.

I also noticed my emotions were always on edge. I could cry at the drop of a hat. I also felt like my anxiety was through the roof. I  was always worried and that’s when I started to see a therapist.

Honestly, the therapy felt great in the beginning. Venting and unloading my stress. But it didn’t solve anything at the end of the day.

I still felt miserable and like I wasn’t my usual happy self.

One doctor gave me a hormone cream, he claimed my estrogen was too high, another one said my progesterone was too high.. and against my gut feeling, I started to take birth control pills.

Those solved nothing. My skin still broke out, I was extremely moody. And I felt like I  was constantly chasing time…

I’m sure part of the stress is the fact that my life changed after I had kids. I worry more about my girls than myself. I want them to be happy, I want to keep them from getting hurt, and I stay awake at night worrying what would happen to them, if something happened to me!

I’ve known deep inside there was something up with my hormones, but doctors would play it off as “that’s what happens when you have kids” etc.

After a year of taking the pill…

I decided to do things my own way. I stopped taking birth control and started to get back into my supplements and juice cleanse.

Things felt better, but it’s only until very recently that it all fell into place.

Nearly 8 months of trying to be as patient as possible with myself. My cycle is back to normal. And this Ramadan Alhumdulilah I have felt better than ever.

In addition to doing my best to stay away from taking hormones, fasting and reading Quran has brought a new sense of calm to my life.

As I reflect back on the past 3 years of feeling not quite right, I have come to this conclusion as to what happened to me:

A. I was eating poorly and not treating my body well.
B. I was distancing myself too much from spirituality.
C. I was getting caught up in the stress of a previous job and didn’t stand up for myself.

This might sound like some crazy ramblings, but I believe spirituality and living a clean and healthy lifestyle can make a world of difference, as well as learning when to say no and walk away from situations that are only causing more harm than good.

There are tons of articles that will go into the benefits of meditation or having some kind of spiritual belief system… and I totally believe it. And there are many studies that show the benefits of healthy eating. Indulging in rich foods is fine once in awhile, but when you’re like me and you’re eating sugar like you would drink water… then it’s a problem.

I am sharing this story, because I know there are many women who feel depressed or stressed out and think there is no hope.

How can they get their life back on track, when doctors are telling them “there’s nothing wrong with you, just take take these hormones.”?

You have to be your own advocate, and take matters into your own hands.

Of course you should seek help from a medical professional, and if you are able to, get information from experts who can help guide you to the right natural sources for nutrients that can help you heal.

It took some trial and error for me, because I didn’t listen to what I knew deep in my heart. It was all about getting my system back on its original track. And masking symptoms for temporary relief doesn’t do anyone any good.

Have you felt like your body is changing and you’re not in control? I think sometimes these experiences prep us for the future ahead, and I hope that menopause is not going to be as rough as what I went through after childbirth lol!