Trying hard to stay on point and then failing

When the New Year hit, I was so certain that I was going to be disciplined in my writing.

I planned to write a post

That didn’t exactly happened. Well it did in the beginning. I was able to push myself to get things on track and write up ideas ahead of time.

And then slowly after a few months, I decided I would skip writing on weekends. Afterall, shouldn’t we all be out doing things and aren’t most people away from their computers/smartphones etc?

Then after that.. I slowly started to feel the weekdays getting to be too much. And I kept trying to make sure I had 5 days in a row of material every Monday through Friday.

Well, yesterday I didn’t post. And I felt a huge relief, but then there was a nagging sense of guilt.

Did I let my readers down? Are people anxiously checking back for new content? Will they forgive me if I don’t have a predictable schedule?

And then I remember how much easier things are when I do discipline myself.

When I stick to a schedule, things actually fall into place. But I still feel that I fail you guys when I don’t post every single day.

When I started blogging, I always did it because I enjoyed it. And I’m firmly a believer in posting useful content. There is so much “noise” online, that I didn’t want to add to the clutter. Catchy titles and photos that are used just to get people to click, and then when you get there to read.. you feel like you walked away learning nothing.

In any case, that’s just something I wanted to share, and let you dear readers know what’s going on.

There have been quite a few articles lately featuring Muslim women and fashion that I’ll be sharing links of in my next post 🙂