A scandalous story with Muslim characters

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A few years ago I started writing a novel as part of the Nanowrimo challenge. It’s where you try to write an entire book in one month.

I had put it to the side and forgotten about it, and once in awhile I’ll take a peek at it and wonder why I haven’t done anything with it or finished it.

Well, my plans are to put it online for you to read and enjoy, because we really don’t have many stories featuring Muslim characters living their normal lives. Plus, it showcases Muslims are normal people who make mistakes and do things that aren’t perfect.

One reason it has taken me so long, is that I’ve been a little hesitant since it has some content that alludes to some intimacy, but there are no graphic details. However, I’m sure there will be folks who think it’s too much just to mention the word love. At the same time though, with the material out in the world now, some people may wonder what I’m talking about because it’s so tame lol.

So, with that being said. Are you curious now? 🙂

My goal is to get it up for the summer so it can become your favorite “beach read” hehe.

In other news… I’ve been enjoying the sun and went for an amazing bike ride yesterday. It has been at least a year since I last rode my bike. How sad is that? lol. I kept putting it off and saying once I pumped up my tires I’d hit the road.

Well, finally I walked my bike to the gas station down the street, filled the tires with air and rode off down to the lakefront. It took me about 45 minutes to get from my apartment to downtown Chicago. I met up with my husband and had a light lunch at Whole Foods and then biked back home.

It was a bit tough because of how strong the wind was pushing against me on the way back. I felt like I was climbing an endless hill. Once I got home, my legs felt like jello. But it was amazing at the same time. This morning though, that’s a different story haha..I’m feel sore and bruised. But, I’m excited and ready to do it again.

There is something fulfilling about getting a workout in that just felt like a fun relaxing trip through nature.

Now I have to make sure I keep it up!

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  1. anon

    My biggest problem with “western” novels about Muslims, particularly hijabis, is that they’re always ridiculously scandalous in ways even non-Muslims would be like…we wouldn’t want our kids doing that. Girl lives with conservative parents, has relationship with guy and runs away and maybe even more. Considering that’s not the common, “normal” American Muslim story by /far/, it always makes me mad that’s the only writing out there. Makes Muslim girls look even more “oppressed,” where no one I know is THAT against their family/culture/religion. Anyhow, rant over, hope your stuff is better than that.

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