Safari stripe empire dress from Louella

We bought this dress this past summer at the ISNA convention in Detroit.

The Luella brand is Ibtihaj Muhammad’s label and we thought we’d give it a try.


There were plenty of dresses to choose from at their convention booth and we were able to try them on right there with their pop-up dressing room.

What we found though after trying on a few, was depending on the fabric some of the dresses were way too tight in the chest area.

Because it’s a relatively new company, they’re probably still trying to work out some of the kinks.

The customer service (is there such a thing with Muslim companies? lol) was merely at times an empty booth or some girls standing around taking selfies, so it was hard to find someone who knew whether we were trying on the wrong size or if they were designed for smaller people in mind.


In the end however, we decided to go with this black and gold striped dress.

It was way too long in the sleeves and overall dress length so finally we had time to take it to the tailor and get it altered, which is why we’re wearing it nearly 6 months after buying it!


We love the fit after getting it altered, and it’s a very comfortable dress.

However, be forewarned that it is see-through in the sunlight, so we wore some jeggings underneath (it was cold out!)  to be on the safe side.

You could probably wear a slip underneath and that would accomplish the necessary coverage.

If Louella makes more dresses in this type of stretch fabric, we would probably purchase more, because it’s a flattering cut and flows nicely.

Outfit details:

Yellow Jersey Hijab from Hijabtrendz

Dress: Louella (Size M)

Shoes: Rockstud

P.S. Is the yellow hijab brightening up your day?  It sure helped us get rid of the winter blues! Come back tomorrow for our video where we tell you all about the new colors we have in stock for Spring 2015.