Chicago MAS convention 2014 recap

What a long two days at the MAS ICNA 2014 convention!

We didn’t attend any sessions and spent most of our time at the Bazaar, hanging out with Elegant Cloth at their booth and interviewing folks for Hijabtrendz.

For a brief moment there was time to browse the bazaar really quick and take some pics, but man on man that lighting is horrible!

It was also an honor to meet Hijabtrendz fans in real life and hear how much they love the site. It’s not only motivation to continue to put out content, but it’s a great feeling to know we’ve made a difference in some way. 🙂

Now a little bit about the bazaar… it seemed like this year a lot of the big hijab fashion clothing companies like Shukr, Zeena, Haute Hijab, Artizara, etc. were simply not present. We heard a lot of them headed over to the RIS conference in Toronto which takes place during the same weekend.

That means for the few that made it out, there was very little competition.

We met the women behind Noor Couture and Hijabican.

It was nice to see them, and they seemed to have a lot of interest at their booths.

Noor Couture suits

Made to order Italian wool suits from Noor Couture.

Owner of hijabican

scarves at hijabican

Scarves at Hijabican booth.

Aside from these ladies, the majority of the clothing being sold, had a flea market feel to it.

Maybe the items are not that bad, but the way they are displayed… not appealing at all.

We’re still waiting to see when people are going to realize that junk they dragged up from the basement, is junk… so leave it at home!

And they should not pile 100s of items in one big clump hoping to sell some of it. Presentation is key! Messy tables are confusing.

ladies shopping at bazar 2014

a review of the MAS ICNA bazaar 2014


Needless to say, this may be the first time we haven’t bought a single thing. Add to that the horrible yellow fluorescent lighting that felt like it gave everything muddy hues.

That’s just a quick review, and we realize this is not supposed to be some professional fashion gathering, so that’s that!

On another note, it was definitely a plus seeing so many Muslims from all over coming together as well as running into old friends.

Were you at the convention? What were your experiences?