Sneaker heels at the Puma store

I was recently perusing the Puma store and wanted to find some nice flat sneakers for myself. Of course the ones that I thought would be perfect… were sold out in my size.

Well, as I was looking around to see what else they had, I came across this very odd concoction.. it appears to be a high heel, but it’s also made out of sneaker material:




I had to take pictures,┬ábecause it’s too hard to describe, and this way you can see why I was a little confused.

But, maybe it’s just me and my personal preference. Perhaps these are wearable…with a track suit where the pants are in the skinny jeans cut?

What do you think? yay or nay? (please tell me these are hideous!) lol

Actually, there more I look at the photos.. the more I am beginning to think these might be a fashionable item to pull off haha!

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  1. Roxy

    Hi where did you see these . They actually quiet nice in my opinion

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