3 ways I countered negativity in my life

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I’ve always been a fan of supplements. Taking vitamins on and off for years, particularly when I was pregnant.

But, with how hectic life can be, I often forget.

In the last two years though, I noticed that I have felt more sluggish than usual. Tired and stressed and frustrated that I couldn’t do anything about it.

That’s how life is in general for most people these days though. We can’t seem to keep up with all the demands being placed on us from all corners! Whether it’s family or friends or work or children’s school functions, etc. and the list goes on.

I’m the type of person that is quite hard on myself. It’s part of my nature I suppose. I try to focus on more positive things, but when I get hit with a ton of stress, I turn into one big ball of negativity.

What I’ve known all along, is that I need to get adequate sleep and nutrition or else I don’t respond well to stress.

My body shuts down and I get sick a lot easier when I’m not on my A game.

So what is one to do?

My goal is to take things one step at a time. Instead of dwelling on the future and “what ifs” I focus on the now.

That means, I ask myself… what am I doing today this moment that I need to get done? Once I get that out of the way, I move on to the next thing.

It’s not always easy, but it’s a start.

Another things I’m working on is building up my nutrition.

I recommend you speak with a health professional before embarking on anything, so please do not do anything without expert advice.


So here are the 3 ways I’ve been working to counter negativity and stress in my life:

  1.  I have started taking additional supplements to my daily multi-vitamin/Vitamin D/Omega’s to help put my body in balance. Magnesium, Calcium and B Complex vitamins have been added to my list. It could be the placebo effect, or perhaps they are working. Because I certainly do feel more refreshed and focused.
  2. The other thing I’ve found that also helps besides eating right, sleeping right and getting enough water and exercise, is finding something you love to do. I think that’s something we all search for subconsciously. I don’t know if there is a perfectly happy life out there, but I do believe we can get pretty close to it.
  3. The final thing I’ve done to decrease negativity in my life is stopped going on Facebook as much as I used to, and limiting that has enabled me to be more focused on real life human interaction. Social media is a great tool, but it can also take a toll.

What do you do to relieve stress?