Exclusive: PRSVR luxury brand in Chicago

We had the opportunity to check out a brand new high end luxury store in Chicago called PRSVR.

Margaret Williamson is the owner of the brand. She says PRSVR stands for “persevere”.

“The idea really started about 10 years ago. My husband and his two college roommates came up with this concept. They were doing a lot of traveling as “sneaker heads”. They loved to collect high end sneakers, and they couldn’t afford all the super high end luxury items like luggage.  They wanted to look distinguished and stick out from the crowd, but they didn’t want to look like everybody else.”

And Williamson says that eventually led them to the concept of an elevated lifestyle brand that would carry luggage, foot ware and apparel.


Margaret Williamson, owner PRSVR.

Williamson says her husband sat on that dream for about 8 years, but he did a lot of the footwork during that time.

Williamson’s husband traveled to Paris and eventually trained in Milan as a cobbler. He wanted to learn the art of shoemaking and how to actually make the perfect carry on bag.

When she met her husband to be three years ago, Williamson says she noticed him because of what he was carrying.

“He was carrying a beautiful ostrich duffel bag, and I stopped him and I was like oh my goodness.. this is just gorgeous, where did you get it? and he said he made it!”

Willimason says each time she saw him after that, he continued to impress her with other handmade items.

“It was this awesome jacket, and then it was an amazing sweatshirt. And I just finally said if you’re doing this, there may be something there. So two years ago we launched the brand.”

So what does PRSVR stand for?

Passion, risiliance, sacrifice, values, respect; Williamson says they believe these are the fundamentals needed to achieve perseverance.

“The brand itself is created for people who live and work in the city. So it’s for those people who need pieces that are stylish yet functional.”

The entire line is a his and hers collection. Williamson says a lot of the pieces are crated in both male and female silhouettes.

You can see some of the photos from their lookbook here:

business leather jacket





And here are some shots inside the new store:




While I was there, I got to try on the leather track pants. I’ve never busted out leather pants because I’ve never felt confident enough to wear them. These were comfortable and loose and I have to say the heels (I borrowed them from Margaret) added a bit of edge to the look.

prsvrsobh prsvrupclosepants

 So, what are your thoughts? Are you digging the leather look? 

Want to check the store out? Head over to 900 N Michigan ave. The store is located on the 5th floor to the right of Bloomingdales.

If you’re not in Chicago and are interested in shopping online you can go to the website. They offer worldwide shipping.