No need for designer sunglasses

I’m not against designer sunglasses. They can be really well made and sometimes they are even timeless, and can last you a lifetime.

However, when I was recently mulling a purchase of new sunglasses, I realized I was in love with more than one pair. I just couldn’t justify dropping down a few hundred dollars for a piece of plastic.

Not only that, I did once have a designer pair that my now 7 year old, broke in half when she was an infant.

OK, perhaps they shouldn’t have been within her reach, but I learned a lesson. At least for now, while I’m juggling mommy hood and career and feel like I’m all over the place, it’s easier to have sunglasses that I won’t feel guilty about losing or breaking.

While at the mall last week, I saw those RayBan’s I was dying to get. But I thought about it, and realized there was also another pair I really wanted. I now wanted two pairs, because that way I could switch them around depending on my style or mood or whatever other factor.

However, it didn’t seem right to spend so much.

Maybe one day I’ll splurge a little. As luck would have it, I happened upon those sunglasses kiosks, and they were having a “blowout” sale.

All of their sunglasses were $5.00! I kid you not. So like a kid in a candy store… I bought two very similar to the ones I wanted at the pricey place.

The black glasses are a bit more classic and the purple ones are fun and hip and I love the fact that they add a pop of color to my wardrobe.

Sunglasses review


Sunglasses review


You may be able to see the reflection of my pint sized photographer.

I have to say I’m quite pleased with her picture-taking skills, and maybe this will be her way to earn an allowance?

Or would that be considered child labor?

Ah the things I will have to think about as I sit outside in these sunglasses staring off into nothing!

What do you think of sunglasses? Splurge or save and get the cheap-o ones?

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