The best bb cream we’ve tried so far

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We’re not big on wearing lots of makeup, it takes too much time to put on and ruins your skin with all the constant makeup removing you have to do at the end of each day.

Now, we do know that maintaining healthy skin is also contingent upon protecting it from sun damage.

So… you can bet we were thrilled when we found this “BB Primer Cream” from Bare Minerals.

bb cream from bare minerals

We bought it from our local Ulta after a recommendation from the store manager who TOTALLY knew what we meant when we said we want something good for our skin, even out the sun damage already there (yikes!) and it had to be easy to handle.

This primer cream some people may use before they apply heavier makeup or powders. We prefer it on it’s own.

The best part is it is SPF 30 wohoo!

All you have to do is take one pump, spread it on your hands and slather on your face like sunscreen.

It goes on soft and smooth, and BAM you’re ready to go.

Maybe in the next post we’ll do a before and after to show you what exactly we’re talking about.

Or maybe it’s all in our head? Hmmm..


Do you have a favorite tinted cream?