Green drink your way to health

We’re back on the juicing bandwagon, because there is no better way to reset your body than to do this on occasion.

Here is what it looks like when we put it in a bottle and take it to work:

green juice

What is inside this fantastically colored beverage?

Kale, spinach, cucumber, carrot, apple, pear and strawberry.

You can make any mix you want, and we find that incorporating at least some fruit will make it a lot easier on your taste buds.

We’ve been alternating between juicing with our Omega juicer:

Omega juicer


…and blending with our Blendtec blender when we need some extra fiber:


blendtec red blender


Have you done juicing before? Make sure to read Aquila Style on Thursday for our article on adventures in juicing!

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    @lifeaziknowit I think the vitamix and blendtec are pretty similar. There are so many blenders on the market now that I think as long as you aren’t left with whole chunks of fruits and veggies you should be ok hehe.

  2. LifeAZIKnowIt

    Great info!! I was thinking of getting Blendtec. I got the Vitamix and I really like it but it was quite expensive:(

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