Enough about women, let’s talk about men

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It seems the obsession with what women wear is at an all time high- particularly in the Muslim community.

Here is what I want to suggest. Let’s talk and obsess over the way Muslim men are dressed!

Instead of looking at a woman and saying her shirt is not long enough or her hair is peeking out from her scarf, let’s focus on the men.

“Look at him in his skinny jeans that is so wrong, doesn’t he know showing his shape is forbidden?”

“What about that hair gel? Showing off his luscious locks is going to cause a fitna.”

“Muslim men should not be wearing so much cologne that they kill every living thing they walk past, haram!”

What I’m trying to say is let’s look at this whole idea of “hijab” from another perspective. Because technically it is a two way street. It’s meant for women AND men.

If you’re a woman who likes to give other women advice and freaks out whenever someone is not dressed “right”, shift your focus. Use that energy to point out all the flaws in Muslim men. And similarly, if you’re a Muslim man, look at yourself and other guys you know and start giving them advice on how they can cover themselves more appropriately from the prying eyes of women. Because let me tell you, women will eat you up!

From my understanding, the majority of Muslim men don’t really follow the proper rules of hijab. As a matter of fact, most Muslim men blend in with society quite nicely.

The only thing that may give away their religious identity is their Muslim sounding name, or perhaps if they look non European someone could “assume” they are Muslim. But even then it’s a toss up in our multicultural world. And don’t get me started on those beards. The “barely there” look can hardly constitute facial hear. Seriously, if a man is going to take time to shape and trim his beard to look fashionable, he should be ashamed of himself.  I’m sure someone will even tell him that, “Beards are not for fashion, they are for religion, what are you trying to do change Islam to suit your trend? It is haram (forbidden)!”

Can you imagine going to a strict Muslim country and seeing the religious police harassing men for walking around in tight t shirts or telling men they can’t sit on swings because the swaying motion is seducing women nearby?

And let’s not forget showing their faces, that’s a huge taboo. Muslim men should wear the traditional Middle Eastern headdress (kaffiyeh, ghutra, etc.) and wrap it around their faces. It’s the only way to keep them from corrupting society, and we definitely don’t want them to be responsible for bringing us closer to the day of judgement.

That’s one of the signs you know, right? When men start showing their faces? And it’s everywhere!

I stay stop focusing on women and turn the tables. There is so much more to worry about with men than women. And if you’re a worrier, you’ll have plenty of material to work with.

Afterall Muslim men are the ones who are going to be responsible for the downfall of the  Ummah, unless we do something about it!

I’m pretty sure this sounds ridiculous, and it’s because we don’t give as much time and energy to what Muslim men wear, how they behave in public or even how they are perceived by the opposite sex. It seems that it’s pretty much OK for them to live a normal undisturbed life.

But then, don’t women deserve the same?

What do you think? Are Muslim men observing the rules of hijab? Does it really matter? And why do women have to be the ones always in the spotlight for what they wear?