End of the year deal from Tuleen Shop

Exclusively for Hijabtrendz readers we have an offer from Tuleen Shop and a giveaway!

All Hijabtrendz readers who place an order can get 10% off their order by using this code: HS4L0837H14 


Now onto the fun stuff!

Tell us in the comments what your favorite scarves are?

Hint: Go to Tuleen Shop to find out.

We’ll randomly pick one person to win a $50 gift card to shop to your hearts content at Modefa.

For an extra entry? Tell us how you found out about Hijabtrendz!

Deadline to enter is Friday December 13th 2013.

We will announce the winner on Sunday December 15th 2013.


To find out more about Tuleen Shop check out their website or Facebook page.

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  2. Zainab

    Salaam, my favorites are city lights and dalia.

    I learned about hijabtrendz through a google search on hijab fashion in june 2012!

  3. Aasiya Ahmed

    Salaam sister! I love the pashmina scarves because they are soft, look like great quality, and so many color options. Since they are solid colors, they are a staple to have.
    I found HijabTrendz through my sister, and love looking at everything on here! Great content!
    Aasiya 🙂

  4. Haajra

    Salaam! I like the red pashmina because I’ve been meaning to get one. I also like the way the cotton hijabs look as well as the Fancy Parade scarf 🙂
    I’ve been following your site for such a long time I cant even remember how I found it…I think I was on Google looking up something completely irrelevant and a link/picture from this site came up

  5. Sazia Riaz

    As Salamualaikum

    My Favorite scarfs from Tuleen Shop are Brown Paisley Scarf,Chains Fancy Scarf,Gray Studded Silk Scarf,Silky Solid Pashmina Style D Brown,Blue Dynasty Luxe Scarf….,beautiful scarfs,love them.I found about hijab trendz on Facebook’s recommended pages.Jazakallaha!!!

  6. surayya

    I have been following hijabtrendz for a long time now but I think I found it through facebook recommendations!

  7. surayya

    absolutely beautiful scarfs! I would have to say my favourites are city lights, elegance scarf, and town story blue scarf!

  8. Maryam iqbal

    They are top notch high quality silk scarf brands! My fav is paisley charm in red. I found your blog through a friend on facebook 🙂


    scarf for me goes beyond a complement of fashion, its softness and beauty is a supplement of soul

  10. Lisa

    Oh, this is so hard to choose! Hmm, I like Mustarica, Anemone, Blue Georgette, Baby Breath, and Cream dots. And oh, Dahlia and Fall Luxe are gorgeous too! I heard about hijabtrendz from my Mother. Thank you Mom and thank you hijabtrendz! : )

  11. annhshake

    My favorite scarves are the Elegance scarf and The pink flower scarf and I’ve been reading Hijab trendz for nearly 2 years. PS i think there’s a typo with the shop name, isn’t it supposed to be Tuleenshop and not modefa.

  12. sarah sar

    I found out about Hijabtrendz on facebook!

  13. sarah sar

    Salaam and thank you for the lovely contest. This shop has some gorgeous hijabs! Among my favourites are the Brown Heliconia Scarf, Gold Dynasty Scarf, Gold Dynasty Scarf, Moroccan Charm Luxe Scarf and The Pink Ribbon Scarf.

  14. Jodi

    I really like the Anemone, Unlimited, Pretty Me, Pretty Brown, Retro, Golden Purple, Heather, Paisley Pink, Dahlia, Dima, and Golden Purple Fancy! It was so hard to pick just a few! Thank you for telling us about this website Mariam!
    * I found out about HijabTrendz from the Muslim Women’s Style Examiner. I really enjoyed that column and even more so that it pointed me here!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  15. samina shaikh

    Armine is Modefa’s collection of silk scarves in rich fall hues,
    Aker is the collection with chic vintage florals and geometrical prints
    Pierre Cardine is Modefa’s collection of luxe silk scarves with distinctly mod retro motifs.
    I discovered Hijaitrendz on Facebook’s recommended pages.

  16. Sazia Riaz

    As Salamualaikum, Aker, Armine and Pierre Cardine are high quality Turkish silk hijab brands.I found about hijab trendz on Facebook’s recommended pages.Jazakallaha

  17. ferdousi yasmin

    Armine, aker and pierrecardin are the names of silk hijab.

  18. Lin Abdul Rahman

    Armani is Modefa’s collection of silk scarves in rich fall hues, Aker is the collection with chic vintage florals and geometrical prints and Pierre Cardine is Modefa’s collection of luxe silk scarves with distinctly mod retro motifs. Love them all! I discovered Hijabtrendz on Facebook’s recommended pages.

  19. Betul

    Armine, Pierre Cardin, aker are Turkish brands that specializes in hijab and modest clothing.

  20. Aysha

    Armine, Aker and Pierre Cardin are globally known, top brand high quality Turkish silk scarves.

    I found out about HijabTrendz from a YouTube health video.

    Thankyou for conducting the giveaway! 🙂

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