Something about those Uggs

We’ve held back for years from purchasing a pair of these but we’re tempted to get a pair.

The winter here has been a bit wishy washy, one day it’s freezing and then the next you don’t even need a coat!

But these Ugg boots are such a lifesaver when you’re walking outside on a bitter cold day. They keep your feet warm and toasty. How do we know?

Well during the Thanksgiving break we sneaked a pair of mom’s boots to wear during the nightly walk to burn off all that food.

And what we realized is that it’s definitely worth the price.

We’ve only invested in the knockoff pairs which usually cost $10 on clearance, and end up not being much of an investment, because they get beat up and fall apart quickly.

Here are some we’re eyeing, and for the moment the obsession is on everything navy blue, but we threw in other colors in case you’re not a fan.

ugg boots with bows original uggs plain navy uggs ugg boots with buttons



What do you think? Do you have a pair? 

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  1. fatima

    i’ve got a pair of uggs, and i love them! it’s like wearing slippers outside 😀

  2. francesca ali

    I have bearpaw boots. 101% better and quarter of the price!!

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