My New Granny Boots

I’m in desperate need of some winter boots and the weather here is getting very cold!

But, I was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon the half yearly sale at Nordstrom. I forgot it was going on!

I  had an hour before the store was closing so I only made it through the shoe section and and ended up buying two pairs.

Today I will share with you the boots I bought.

Born Zelia
They are from Born (style is called Zelia) and I absolutely love them! They are comfortable and you can wear them so many ways. They also come in black which I’m debating about getting.

I’m going to wear them with jeans tucked in. But I think they will also look nice with pants over them or even with a flowing maxi skirt.

The sales lady was very excited for me, “Oh yes those granny boots are so nice!”

I’m not sure why she called them that if she wanted to sell them to me. But I don’t mind. Maybe they are a little old fashioned looking, but I love it!

Here are some selfies I tried to take. It’s kind of hard to do while you’re wearing the shoes and trying to bend in all sorts of contorted ways.

bornboots1 bornboots2

The best part of the shopping trip? The conversation as I was paying for my items.

Saleslady: Did you find any handbags you liked?

Me: No, I just can’t bring myself to pay more than $30 for a purse. I’ll pay a lot for good quality shoes but not so much for a handbag.

Saleslady: Then you’re in the wrong place!

Me: I only have this bag because my mom bought it for me. Actually even $30 seems a lot for a bag.

Saleslady: Oh wow, what should I call you from now on? Mrs. Cheapskate?

Me: Bargain Hunter!

I actually enjoyed our little conversation and I didn’t mind her teasing. I’ve got to get back there and check out the clothing section on the upper floors. But before then I’ll share my other shoe purchase tomorrow.

Have you been hitting the sales? They are only just getting started!