Zaggora hot pants to make you sweat

We’ve been seeing these pants everywhere now, and it seems like the glorified version of the old trash bag workout suits.

Basically, it’s a material that brings up your body heat and makes you sweat a lot.

It seems a little dangerous to use if it’s really hot outside, but maybe if you’re feeling extra bloated it could be helpful?


Zaggora pants to make you sweat


We’re tempted to order them, although they are a bit pricey. What are your thoughts? Is it worth they hype?

Just to clarify, we’re not on a diet mission, just an overall body toning journey after popping out some kids. 😉

Oh, and we got a nifty coupon code if you want to snag a pair: Go to their site and use HOTYEAR to get 20% your purchase and free shipping.