Feb 212013

Soft Surroundings does it again with this beautiful  skirt, perfect for Spring and all the pastel colors that are on trend.

We love the way it flows, and the color is a great pick me up from dreary winter weather!

maxi skirt for hijabis

maxi skirt for hijabis


The skirt is priced at $118.95 although it’s quite price we know the quality is exception and if you take good care of the skirt, it should last a lifetime.

Tip: You can always wait it out, when their clothing goes on sale Soft Surroundings can have great markdowns. We’ve gotten skirts for $19.00!




  2 Responses to “Maxi skirt for spring 2013”

  1. Oh my GOSH! MashaAllah that is soooo beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Now I have and idea of how to add some zest to my skirt. I’m going to try embroidering it!

  2. Zeynub I know it’s gorgeous.. :) I feel like I want winter to end so I can wear more skirts.

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