Jan 302013

We recently received a really cool interactive guest post from a Hijabtrendz reader.

Fatima Hussain is a tech savvy fashion forward teen, who is addicted to technology (iPad)!

She enjoys photography and has a knack at film making and special effects. She has been wearing hijab since she was 9.


Make sure to click on the arrows to go through the presentation.


Did you like the interactive post? 

  4 Responses to “Guest Post: Sweater Trends”

  1. Where’s the presentation? :)

  2. Hopefully it’s working now! :) Thanks for the heads up Lina :)))

  3. Wow, MashaAllah, that was good!
    I like the neutral sweater, dark wash pants, and bright scarf look, personally.

  4. Thank you, I worked hard to put this presentation together. thanks to Mariam for putting it up!

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