Behind the Screen: Laser Hair Removal

I received a groupon promotion late last year for laser hair removal and thought I would give it a try.

Maybe this is a TMI (too much information  post, but I always wondered if that stuff worked, and the price was cheap enough to give it a try.

What I purchased was a 4 session program for what is called a “small” area.

Now, I figured it was best to buy that one and test it out because I’ve heard that some people get burned or have skin discoloration.

When I got to the medical spa, as they like to refer to it, I was given a stack of papers to read through and sign.

that’s what I started getting nervous.

It basically lists all the possible things that can go wrong and tells you that they are not responsible for anything that happens.

For some reason I felt like I was going into a surgical procedure and felt a little panicky.

When I went into the room with the technician I told her I was freaking out.

“Is this going to hurt, is there anything you can put on the skin first to numb the area?”

She looked at me like she heard this a million times.

“It depends on your skin type and pain threshold, everyone is different. But you really shouldn’t feel anything.”

I decided to give my armpits a try, because it’s an inconspicuous area that most people are not going to get a look at. If it does get burned, well no big deal… I guess.

laser hair removal machine

Above: The machine looked something like this.

She started the machine up and I remember tensing my entire body. I was waiting for a huge zap.

The technician pushed the wand into my skin and I didn’t feel anything, just her pushing a piece of plastic into my armpit.

“How are you doing?” She asked me. She was peering through a huge magnifying glass.

“Oh you did it already?” I asked.

“Yes, see you don’t feel anything. I will turn up the power.”

After she turned up the level I still didn’t feel anything, but I’m kind of assuming she didn’t make it too strong. I could be wrong though.

She said once I come in a few more times I’ll start to see major results and get used to the feeling.

So far I don’t notice anything. But again I’ve only gone once.

I have to go back every 4-5 weeks or so and they recommend a total of 8 or 9 sessions to get optimal results.

Since this is just the beginning of my journey, I’ll let you know after I go again.

If this does work for me, I will be so grateful. There is nothing worse than having to constantly battle hair removal.

Have any of you tried this? What do you think?