Pop Culture Hijabi: The Hobbit

We absolutely love the movies and it has been rough lately with barely anything to see that we personally feel is worth our time.

Recently though, we headed to go see The Hobbit.

What we love is that this movie contains some amazing film-making, in addition to a great story.

And there is no random sleaze as with much of the movies today.

You will not be disappointed. Or at least we weren’t.

Sure there are people who get so wrapped up in whether this movie followed the book exactly or not, but we’re not reviewing it like that.

This is a great quality film, with amazing cinematography as well as impeccable acting.

There is a moral to the story (even though this is supposed to have two more parts) and it’s what we feel like a real movie is all about: escaping into an imaginary world and feeling like you’re really there.