Boots were made for walking

As cheesy as the title sounds, we absolutely love our boots!

We got this Lucky Brand pair at an amazing deal at Marshall’s after searching forever and comparing and buying and returning an endless amount of boots.

Lucky Brand boots for cheap

What we love:


*easy to pull on and off

*enough space to tuck in your jeans

*made by my one of my favorite brands


What’s your favorite boot style? Are you into heels or flats? Tucking in jeans or not?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Helena thanks for your input and I hope I can remain true to myself 🙂
    Anonymous #1 I agree that the we can get annoying lol. Maybe I will drop it. I just feel awkward using “i” all the time like I’m so obsessed with myself 😉 lol.
    And regarding the price points, a lot of the times I just use these things I like as inspiration. I don’t buy things at full price and usually wait until they go on sale. Occasionally I’ll splurge on something that I plan to last me a lifetime. I am going to see if I can find more of the items I showcase and a cheaper identical version. Where do you usually shop?

  2. Anonymous(#1)

    I understand– I have relatives who talk in the “we” form and I never understood the reason; I guess it’s just a personal pet peeve because it seems grammatically inaccurate, but you don’t have to change anything.

    For the other Anonymous’ comment, I think your posts are perfectly fine. Often times the things you buy/show are past my price range (I look at items max like $30 for dresses/jeans and much less for smaller items) but everyone has their own budget.

  3. Helena

    Mariam darling…

    I come to Hijabtrendz to be reminded of the day to day stuff ‘we’ ‘girls’ grapple with…
    from looking good to feeling good about ourselves… to embracing what it means to be a woman…
    juggling the necessities with becoming our potentials… walking tall in spite of it all.

    I come to Hijabtrendz to be reminded of the import of being true to one’s self.
    A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
    –Maya Angelou (quoted in Mind Your Own Bizniche by Squire)

    from saudi with love… Helena

  4. Mariam Sobh

    Anonymous, thank you for your feedback. I actually put a lot of work and effort into these posts. I understand that you think things aren’t the same, but this past year was very rough. I went back to work full time 40-60 hours a week, plus raising a family and pursuing my outside interests. I was actually quite hurt that you think these are filler pieces, but I realize that I can’t take things too personally 🙂

    What you don’t see is what happens behind the scene. I’ve been putting together several interviews with some great people that will be posted soon. And I do everything by myself, from writing, to editing to taking pictures of things etc. It’s a lot of work that I do for free.

    The posts that I have up now, are very similar to what I posted in the past. The only difference is that I used to post regularly then I barely posted, and now I’m back to getting regular pieces up.

    However, I do appreciate your honesty and your critique. I guess, what I’d like to know is, what is it that you liked from the site? What do you want to see more of?

    I’ve gotten comments that my site has too much “content” and needs to just be pictures with no words etc. So I’d like to know from anyone reading this, what is it that you come to Hijabtrendz for?

    Thank you for continuing to come back and I hope more people will speak up about what they like/don’t like so I can improve the site.

  5. Anonymous#2

    It dosn’t matter much if she say we or I either way it seems she has ran out of ideas and your last few posts are just filler to show that you are still writing. I’m not trying to be mean but I use to love reading hijabtrendz and would constantly check for the latest posts but now it is just plain boring talking about body spray and the boots you bought. You have not brought anything interesting to the table and I really would like to see that again.

  6. Mariam Sobh

    That is a good questions anonymous 🙂
    Well, it’s a style that I’ve been writing with since the beginning of Hijabtrendz. It’s the royal “we”,
    Also, when I write Behind the screen I make it more personal. But I guess I could change that. Perhaps we should put this up for a vote!

  7. Anonymous

    Why do you always say “we” if you’re the only person talking? Is there someone else who is buying/looking for these boots and doing all the other activities with you?

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