Jan 022013

We love a good scent, and sometimes it takes a little mixing to get it just right.

The classic Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret has always been in our arsenal, and this past Fall we added Malibu Heat from Bath and Body Works.

A little splash of each gets us feeling fresh every time.

What are your favorite scents? Do you mix it up?



  4 Responses to “No shame in smelling nice”

  1. I can not live without Viva La Juicy and Chanel

  2. Leana I used to love Chance by Chanel, but I started to get headaches :((( I will sample Viva La Juicy next time I’m out. Now my list is growing lol. I find that for some reason I’m really sensitive to perfume smells which is sad because I love them!!

  3. My favorite is Tova by Tova Borgnine. I like the older formula that used to come out years ago…I don’t know if the new one is the same. I don’t mix scents often but if that means wearing a body spray and then putting on a bit of perfume afterwards then I guess I’m in…sometimes! :) I love fragrance but I think I’m more partial to perfumed oils. They don’t seem to cause headaches and last so much longer than alcohol ones. I agree, there is no shame in smelling nice Mariam, and we’d have a great lost w/o flowers and fragrance.

  4. Jodi, I too like the oils. I used one from Soft Surroundings until there was nothing left. I probably should get one again.. it was very long lasting and like you said, no headaches!

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