Handbag for cheap

It seems like a very long time ago that I wrote about a pretty good deal I got when buying a purse.

Seeing that it was almost two years ago, that should let you know that it’s very rare that I buy purses.

That’s just me.

I do love nice handbags, but I’m not one to spend my money on them, and I love the thrill of getting one for cheap!

This time I was in the mood for a new bag and every time I’ve gone to Marshall’s the bags  I see that I gravitate towards are at least $200.

What to do?

I kept telling myself to be patient.

Well last week I was browsing through H&M and came upon this!

I looked at the price tag and it was over $50.00 but then I noticed a sign that they were on sale for $20!

I guess I’m staying true to my trends of not paying more than $20.00 for a purse! I did once for a Guess handbag bag in the day but it fell apart so it made me realize that price doesn’t always mean quality. Sometimes it just means brand name.

But, there are some luxury brands that stand by their product. So if you buy a pricey one, make sure to check their warranty and repair policy.

Where do you buy your handbags from? Do you ever splurge on a designer brand?