Calling all hijab models

One of the most popular posts on this site, is one that I wrote a long time ago about hijab models.

I know that it’s hard to grow up in a world where modeling jobs are pretty much near impossible for women who choose to wear hijab.

And on top of that, most of the companies that do sell hijab fashion, often use models who don’t wear hijab. Can you say catch 22?

It is because of this that I want to take the time to feature hijabis from around the world who dream of becoming models.

I want to create a space here on hijabtrendz for you to showcase your style and talent.

hijab model and Malaysia fashion week

If you are interested, please send a brief summary about yourself to info at hijabtrendz dot com and please:
Include your age, where you’re from, and why you want to be a model.¬†Also include some photographs that we can publish on the site.

This is our small gift to you, and we hope that we can help you get noticed, and who knows, maybe it will lead to something bigger!