Hijabtrendz Giveaway: Boutique Saba

If you want to dress up an outfit without having to spend tons of $$$, we have just the solution for you…

Sleeves and collars by Boutique Saba are so exquisite and well made that they will make anything you have go from dull to dazzling.


We absolutely fell in love with the sleeves and collar we were sent.

They are hand made of very high quality which is hard to find when you are looking at most of these types of products on the Muslim market.

As an added bonus, we are pleased to be giving away one set of sleeves and matching collar to a lucky reader!



If you would like to participate in the giveaway, leave a comment below on where you would wear these items.

The giveaway ends on Friday October 12th at midnight.

For more information/to place an order/ or to stay updated on the latest products they have make sure to check out their Facebook Page.