Aug 302012

Colors make everyone happier when they see them. You can brighten someone’s day with this ensemble even in the midst of gloomy weather!

Colors brighten everything: Hijab Fashion

How do you add color to your outfit?

  4 Responses to “Color pop the trend that’s everywhere”

  1. It looks so refreshing and spring, summer like! I like to add accessories like the neck scarf and jewelry to add a bit of color. A pretty brooch pin and colorful shoes help also. A pretty hijab with flowers or a geometric design is interesting for a pop of color also.

  2. I like to add my coral hijab when an outfit is looking bland. Thanks for the ideas :)

  3. Jodi I love using shoes these days to switch up colors :)
    Zeynub you’re welcome! I’m obsessed with coral colors hehe.

  4. What a very beautiful outfit, I like the colors !
    I have a blog, and made last week my own budget outfits, take a look. It’s in Dutch, but you can translate the text, there is a special button on the page .

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