Aug 022012

Very excited to receive this package in the mail!

It’s from Queen of Trends in the UK.

They sent me some samples to review:

Hijab from queen of trends

Super excited to try the hijab, jewelry and the hair clip! I will post more pics of myself with these items soon!

  3 Responses to “I have to try this hair clip!”

  1. Lucky you! I am a new hijaabi and don’t have too many hijabs…

  2. Zainab I have two bags full of hijabs I am wanting to donate…if you want to contact me I will be so happy to send you in the mail hijabs at no cost…I have to many, a lot of which are new and have not been worn. I had a hijab boutique but it did not work out and so I would love to help you out. I also have several of these khaleeji clips :)

    email me a if you are interested

  3. I just recently decided to wear hijaabs too but only have two hijaabs not that I mind buh I could really do witg alot more!

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