Jul 092012

It’s official, I’ve found a new product that has left me wondering what I did before it existed!

I’ve always preferred oil to lotion when it comes to moisturizing, because it soaks much better into my skin.

The only problem, with the oils I’ve used, is the accidental dripping from the bottle on my clothes. I had to deal with oil stains (and those are very hard to get out-if they ever do come out).

This is the best solution! A gel that is oil.

I bought the cocoa butter one and if you like chocolate you will love smelling like it.

What is your favorite moisturizing product?

  5 Responses to “Smooth like butter”

  1. That sounds like a winner! I’ll have to try some. I do like body oils and one in a gel sounds even better. My skin is extra dry so I have to really use something that has deep moisturization. I enjoy scent so I often choose the Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Creams or the Body Shop Body Butters.

  2. I’ve got to try this one.

  3. Jodi, I guarantee you’ll love it! :) I wish they had more smells, and maybe some unscented for those who think it’s too strong.
    Fatin, go for it!

  4. My go to moisturizer is the Johnson baby oil gel and I use it more so in the winter than that of the summer. They have scents ranging from lavender to chamomile. My favorite is the lavender. I love the way you can apply it to your feet and it moisturizes for a longer time than lotions or creams.

  5. Ohh I would buy this if it wasn’t $9.99!

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