Some new changes to Hijabtrendz

Hijabtrendz will be celebrating a pretty big anniversary this August, but I don’t want to say the exact number because the makeup giveaway is still going on. :)

As I have been reflecting on the time and how things have grown, I wanted to make a few minor changes to the website. 

I’m not going to have separate sections anymore on specific days. For example Tuesday “Behind the Screen” or Thursdays “Savvy Hijabi”. I’ve realized it’s hard to dedicate those days each week to a specific topic.

Instead I want to make this a more free spirited and natural blog where I write about whatever it is that I feel at the moment. So for example, if I’m writing a short story, I might have a new installment each day until it’s complete.

Or I might do a post on what I wore to work, followed by a recipe of something that I made for dinner.

I want to take joy in what I write and the content I provide, and lately it has felt somewhat like a chore.

And then I don’t even end up writing anything!

Mariam Sobh 2012

My plan is to have the main page of the blog change a little and have just one post visible at a time with rich photographs. I’m really getting into taking more interesting pictures and would love to share them with you. I also enjoy making videos, and it has been awhile because I’m always obsessing about the post schedule haha.

I’ve always told people to blogging should be fun, but when you start resenting it, then it’s time to let it go or change something about it that is making it not fun anymore.

I always welcome guest bloggers, and the lovely Nadia Malik will still have her “Pop Culture” hijabi post on Saturdays.

As for me, I just can’t box myself in with specific topics on set days anymore. I want to roam free :)

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the changes?