Jun 062012

I am in love with this shirt as you can tell from my last post.

This time I paired it with gray pants from Uniqlo, my gray flats by MeToo, and a jean jacket from Old Navy. My pashmina hijab (I think it was a gift from my mom) kicks up the color factor so it’s not so dreary.

hijab fashion and hijab outfit of the day

Tip: You can always wear the same clothes to work, just accessorize them differently. When you mix and match you save money and can come up with some creative looks!

How do you change up your wardrobe? Accessories? New layers? Colorful hijab?

  4 Responses to “Hijab Outfit of the Day: Burgundy and Denim”

  1. Very cute idea :)

  2. Ver cute mashallah

  3. I love ur hijab outfit…..

  4. i like this!!!!

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