Solitude is Amazing

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I’ve been craving solitude lately.

It gives me time to think and reflect on my life.

The best time to do this is when I go running outside. There is just something that draws me into nature and I’m blessed to live near Lake Michigan which is so beautiful.

During this time I just take in all the amazing miracles of the trees, grass, water, and wildlife. I find it so relaxing and I wish sometimes I could stay out there all day!

Life has been tough lately with transitioning back to work and the never-ending guilt of not being there for my daughters 24/7. My husband will probably be out of work again for an unknown amount of time and the solitude gives me a chance to run away from it all.

I’m not sure how each person deals with stress, but for me this is a great way for me to find myself and not get lost in the day to day issues.

The other issue that I’m constantly battling is my views on hijab and where I stand on the issue. I know I’ve brought it up before, but for some reason I just can’t let it go. I’m not sure if it’s because there is something else bothering me and I’m assuming it’s the hijab?

I also decided to start seeing a therapist. I’ve been feeling down for some time and can’t quiet figure out what it is. Maybe it’s just living a stressful life with a lot of unknown things. Or maybe it’s because I still harbor a lot of resentment and anger toward the way I learned Islam.

One thing is for sure, I highly recommend seeing a therapist for anyone! It’s nice to be able to vent to someone outside of the family who can listen from a totally neutral standpoint. While family offers great advice and opinions, I think that sometimes they can become too emotional about things ;).


The prairie I ran through this weekend in Urbana, IL.

I’m also trying to work with my therapist to reduce my stress and anxiety. I often get really anxious these days when I have to be in new situations that I haven’t experienced before. I also beat myself up about what people think of me or if I’ve offended someone or if I’m doing things to make them happy or not. I’ve got to learn to let go and not worry about anyone because it’s not worth my time to get so wrapped up.

The reason I’m sharing all this? Because I want you to know that if you are going through a tough time, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m confident I will find the solution to my issues and it may take some digging, but I’d rather deal with it now than continue to live my life wondering what is bothering me.

How do you deal with tough times?