Tunic time

Continuing on in the summer weather vein from the past few weeks, let’s look at tunics today.

I think most hijabis would agree that tunics are a really good, modest option for the summer. They’re long, and you can find thin ones with long sleeves. They also don’t need much accessorizing. Just throw on a pair of linen pants or jeans and a tunic over that. If you get colorful ones, it’s a really easy option for casual or formal events.
Plus, we’ve all taken short dresses and made them into makeshift tunics.

I was really excited when Topshop opened in Chicago. I always hear good things about the London-based store.
This tunic from the store is very cute summer option.

This one from H&M totally puts you in the summer/beach mood.

This one is cute to wear under a jacket or light sweater for a more dressy occasion.

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  1. Yasmin

    I love wearing tunic as well! I was just looking at eastessence.com yesterday and they have some great options as well! But the ones you posted are really cute as well 🙂

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