Nail art is all the rage

Everywhere I look it’s all about nails these days. If you want to wear some really cool designs, but don’t want to drop a fortune, (and want to be a Savvy Hijabi) you can do it yourself!

I love the nail strips by Sally Hansen that you can just press them on like a sticker. If you barely have time to sit down and eat, because you’re so busy, this is probably the best deal.

Nail Polish Strips



This brand also has a Nail Art Pen where you can draw designs that you like.

nail art pen

Other things you can try include the magnetic nail polish by Nails Inc. It has magnets ground into the polish so when you swipe the magnetic lid over your nails it moves them around to create a design.

Magnetic Nail Polish

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get trendy looking nails. Just make sure to condition your nails and cuticles with some oil after you take off the polish as it can dry them out.

What do you do to get your nails glammed up without spending too much money?

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  1. romaseba

    There are shatter nail polishes too and I always use them to put designs on my nailsif I don’t have enough time to paint my own designs on my nails xoxo 🙂

  2. Inaya Shujaat

    I used the Sally Hansen ones only once so far. I did not have an altogether good experience with them, but I think it’s only because I was putting them on in a rush (my 2 yr daughter was trying to “help”), and I don’t think that I got a good “seal” on them. Otherwise, they are super cool, and I loved how funky the houndstooth pattern looked!

    If I wasn’t so lazy, or overworked, or whatever I am, I would probably use them again. I rarely paint my nails anymore (I used to once a month. Hehehehe).

    Still, I dig it. 😛

  3. Zeynub

    I like to wear layers of henna to make my nails black. I, personally, am into the black nails trend. It’s been going on for such a long time! Lol 🙂 I also like red henna. I’m 16 and I’m really into bold stuff 😀

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