Hijab Style Secret: long skirts at Target

Hijab Style … alert!

Target has some really cute long skirts and maxi dresses by Merona and they are in some fun prints and plain colors as well.

We’ve seen purple and white paisley prints on super long skirts and maxi dresses. We’ve also seen them in a plain fresh white color.

hijab style merona

hijab style secret at Target

Hijab Style Tip: Pair the skirt with a plain tshirt and wrap hijab. Extend it to your fall wardrobe with a nice cardigan and thicker pashmina scarf to keep out the cold. The same applies for the maxi dress.

How would you wear these items?

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  1. Rama Khorchid

    That gives me such a great idea but everytime i see something nice on a hijabi i decide to try ,but when i do it NEVER looks good on me. Could you give me some advice?

  2. Audrah Zaben

    Mariam – I could not stomach the price either, that is why I always keep checking to wait for clearance. I bought one and am waiting till august for another one because I bet the price will drop a little more.

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I want to get one too, but I’m waiting to complete the Hijabtrendz Fitness Challenge first 🙂

    @Clare, usually I wear skin tone colored slips under things that are going to be see through, and that includes underwear or biking type shorts (tmi I know) lol. But I find it helps. If you wear anything else it will show up. Hope that helps!

    @Audrah thanks for telling me about the Express sale.. I bought them earlier in the year and ended up returning them because I felt so guilty about the price.. now I’ll have to go back and get them for sure !:)

  4. Yasmin Raoufi

    Thanks for the great idea! I am super excited because Target is right by my house!

  5. Audrah Zaben

    Express has some long maxi skirts on clearance….pink, blue, black and gray. Very comfortable. Also at Target in the Junior section there are some short dresses but I bought one and put a long sleeve white T-shirt and a pair of jeans and it was really nice looking, casual and not hot at all. I am 5’10 so if your also tall and want a long shirt (I always have a hard time with that) this is a perfect solution, there on sale right now to for 15.

  6. Hanna

    Sooooo nice! I love purple

  7. clare

    Hmm, maybe I’ll get one of these as consolation for the Old Navy maxi dress that I just bought…I was so exited to get a maxi dress with sleeves, but it turned out to have huge slits up both sides- sad 🙁
    Also, does anyone have advice on how to tell if a maxi skirt/dress is see-through when I go out? I have a few that seem to show through when there’s a bright light behind me (like a lamp) but I don’t know what it looks like in regular light outside. I’m making myself a maxi slip but without a sewing machine it’s slow going! Any thoughts?

  8. muslim mom in suberbia

    Very nice! I have to get one!

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