Hijab Style: Maternity tops

Hijab style is tough whether you are preggo or non preggo, but a little known secret is to use maternity tops with your regular wardrobe.

I remember more than seven or eight years ago (way before I had kids or was even married) a friend of mine had this really cute shirt on. When I asked her where she go it, she then told me, “It’s a maternity top, can you believe it?”

I forgot about that tip until I was looking for something to wear in the music video and this is actually a maternity top I found at Target! I love it because it’s so flowy and I’m really digging anything purple these days.

Hijab style with a maternity shirt

There is a little known secret that you can actually find some great hijab style friendly tops in the maternity section, so next time you are passying by one, make sure to check some things out.