Searching for the one – Part 5

Muna’s father went on eating his dinner as if Adam didn’t just bust in unannounced and basically propose to his daughter.

“So Adam, tell me, why are you in town? On business?”

Adam was a little flustered that no one seemed to notice that he literally did something totally out of character for most Muslim families. It was like something out of a romantic movie. The only thing missing was for him to profess his love to Muna.

“Well, uh, Abu Musab, umm I uh was just here because I was waiting for you to call and I was worried that somehow you had the wrong impression. I’m seriously interested in Muna and would appreciate your blessing to move forward in getting to know her.”

Muna’s mother glanced at her with a look of intrigue. Muna could tell her mother was thinking that this was going to be a story worth talking about whether Muna ended up marrying Adam or not.

“Ahmed,” her mother wasn’t going to let things go down without sticking herself in the story. “Listen to this young man, pouring his heart out. Haram give him a chance.”

“Ya Umm Musab you are not going to tell me what to do, I’m the man of this house!” Everyone stopped eating and looked at each other. He sounded furious.

Muna’s father then burst out laughing, “I’m just teasing! Of course you can get to know her. If you’d like we can visit your family next time and see how things are with them. If we feel that the families are a good fit for each other, then we can inshallah proceed to whatever the next step is.”

Muna rolled her eyes and laughed. “So it’s about the families getting along? Don’t you think we need to get along first?”

It was set that Muna, her mother, father and three brothers would go and visit Adams family the following weekend.

Adam left back to New York that night and Muna would have to wait another week until she go to see him again.

She was thrilled that he came all the way there just to see her. But she was disappointed that her father cut the visit short. Why couldn’t he understand romance and finding that connection with someone? Didn’t he feel that way toward her mother? The way they told their marriage story they locked eyes in an undergrad chemistry class and basically never left each others side since then.

If only Muna could talk to Adam. She hated waiting and dragging things on and on. At least she felt attracted to him and could fantasize about her wedding if it were to happen. But what about him? Did he already picture her as his wife? So many questions that would have to wait 7 more days. It was sheer torture. She wanted to tell Adam to be patient with her father because his bark was worse than his bite and he wasn’t as intimidating as people were led to believe.

searching for the one part 5

All of a sudden Muna’s cell phone rang.

“Hello?” She asked alarmed that the number wasn’t coming up on her screen.

“Assalamu Alaikum, Muna, how are you, sorry that I had to rush off like that.” It was a male voice.

“Who is this?” Muna asked.

The number came up as “unknown” and she was too busy trying to figure out who was on the phone that she almost didn’t hear him.

“This is Adam, Adam Ali, umm the guy who just showed up unnanounced for dinner.” He sounded a little shy.

“Oh Adam, wow, um, yeah salam, how did you get my number?” She asked him.

Adam chuckled, “Your dad gave it to me. After I left I called him up and told him that it’s in both our interests to get to know each other and dragging this out over a week is kind of torture.”

“Are you serious? My dad never let anyone talk to me before on the phone. He likes to be in the same room practically breathing down my hijab.” She said jokingly.

“Yeah, I mean I guess I’m special,” Adam retorted. “And who are these other people? I may need to get their names and pay them a visit!”

Muna laughed and thought it was flattering that he was acting a little jealous.

“Well listen,” Adam broke her thoughts. “I have to go board my flight, but I’ll give you a call when I land, I mean if that’s OK with you.”

Muna was dying to talk to him some more, but she figured she should play a little hard to get. She couldn’t let him know how excited she was.

“Umm is it OK if I give you a call tomorrow night? I’m kind of swamped with work and things.” Muna felt so bad exaggerating. She did have things to do, but they weren’t that important.

Adam reluctantly agreed and said he’d be waiting for her call. “If you don’t call me I may have to show up at your doorstep again!”

To be continued…

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