Apr 202011

The fashion show is underway and we have exclusive photos for you from day one of the Fall/Winter collections.

Mimi (Mariam Al-Mazro)

Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Dubai Fashion Week 2011


Samah Ali

Dubai Fashion Week 2011

Dubai Fashion Week 2011


Dubai Fashion Week 2011


Any of these strike your fancy? We always love to see what Mariam Al-Mazro comes up with and love the bright colors and flowing fabric of her dresses.







  5 Responses to “Dubai Fashion Week 2011”

  1. I like the third one :)

  2. the 3rd one is too fitted for my taste (its its supposed to be an abaya).

    the 4th one looks scary…maybe a halloween costume? reminds me of a spider.

    not really jumping up and down for any of these designs. cant wait for Rabia Z and see what she comes up with!

  3. haha I actually like the 4th one ^^

  4. The first one is all me! I love colours and how much life they have. It would reflect my personality perfectly. :D

  5. Without doubt these collection of abaya are awesome but some of the full colour ones I think are over the top since you would not see many women walking in the bazaars wearing just bright colours it just over rules the whole concept of hijabs and abayas I think

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