A tummy tuck or a workout?

This past Thursday I traveled to St. Louis to speak on a panel about Muslim women and promote the book I Speak for Myself. I was joined by three other panelists including Siti Faizal, Dr. Anjum Hassan and Professor Ahmet Karamustafa of Washington University.

I also had the opportunity to meet Robyn, who is one of our Hijabtrendz readers. It was neat to finally meet in person (and she has two adorable children I might add).

Yesterday I asked the questions about plastic surgery and whether you know of anyone who has had it done. I figured I’d just give my response here so I can be a little bit long-winded. :)

I’ve heard of women who have had small procedures done or even things that are non-invasive like Botox. I often wonder if I would ever do that as I get older. I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get some age spots on my face, and plan to visit a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to see what I can do.

I consider it part of keeping good health and taking care of your appearance. I think it’s superficial only when you have absolutely nothing wrong and you want to tweak things. But it might be a double edge sword. Something you find horrible others may thing is completely normal.

In the past I always said I’d get a tummy tuck after I had kids, but now I’m just exercising to see if I can do it on my own. I’ve seen plenty of women who’ve had kids and still look amazing just from doing hardcore workouts.

But I guess if you’ve been pregnant with sextuplets ala Kate Gosselin you might sing another tune.